Sport Performance: By Walter Ernst

Series of 5 Sports Performance meditation

Listen to any national or world athlete of how they got where they are, and they will tell you that they visualized it, they saw themselves winning, crossing that finish line. Athletes are a rare breed they go toward the unknown the unfamiliar even if they think it will painful, when that subconscious voice in their head says to stop it is too dangerous to push this hard, you may get hurt the athlete pushes that much harder they don’t know their own limits they don’t have that self-talk that tells them they can’t, even if they did the self-talk would be shut off during the competition because their belief that they are going to win and it will override all voices.

Walter was a world champion fighter is several different modalities, he has been a competitor, instructor and coach for over 30 years he specializes in sports performance with his clients. He teaches his clients about focus, stamina, creating the visualization of success, crossing the finish line, making the pass; whatever you want to achieve in sports or competition you need to first see yourself doing it and winning. These Mp3’s were developed for the person that wants to marinate in the images of a great golf game, winning that match or that game. The Athlete already is rebelling against their self-talk and child hood belief system these mp3s will help them to focus better, relax while they are doing and will help with the imagery of creating even greater success in their journey.

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Walter Ernst
Walter Ernst

Walter will take you on a journey with our Advanced workshops. He is an internationally known psychic, medium and hypnotherapist working with clients in Canada and throughout the United States. Walter will teach you about everything from Consciousness, Energy, Expansion, Mediumship and so much more.

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