Self Talk and Reframing

Learn to Change your Self Talk

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In this workshop we look at what is self talk and how do we begin to change it. We first have to hear our self talk then we have to learn how to reframe it. In this workshop we will examine why we have the self talk we do and how to begin to change our habits and change our self talk. We will learn what negative self talk does to us both emotionally and physically. We have also included with this workshop some exercises for our students.

Your Instructor

Sheila Nielsen
Sheila Nielsen

Sheila is one of the creators of HPC, she wanted to create a series of Personal Development workshops that everyone can afford and have easy access to. We want people to begin their journey toward happiness, fulfillment to start learning about their behaviors and how to change them to better their relationships, family and work lives. Change can happen instantly as long as you take ACTION. We have put together a series of learning videos along with exercises and materials to download.

Sheila is a Therapist and an instructor, she is a clinically Certified Hypnotherapist with Power Within Results and co-founder/Instructor for Hypnotherapy Professional College. Sheila feels that now more then ever people are searching for more for their lives, they want to learn and grow but many don't know where to start, we are hoping this site will help people toward their own personal discovery.

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