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5 Guided Meditations

We are so busy in our lives today, so much busier than our parent ever were. Our parents didn’t in most cases have to have both incomes to support a mortgage and two cars, the cost of living has surpassed what an average family is able to produce. Along with raising our kids the best we can, keeping our jobs, getting our education and still hearing the voices from our self- talk telling us we are still not doing a good enough job that we need to be smarter, work harder, be better parents: Well it can be overwhelming, it has created such anxiety in our worlds that we have a difficult time shutting it down at night when we need to be relaxing and healing our minds and body for the next day. We need to be able to put our body into complete and total relaxation mode, which will help us sleep deeper and heal our bodies while we are sleeping. Many of us do not even know that we don’t know how to even breath properly let alone how to put our bodies into a natural state of relaxation. This series is designed to teach your body to breath, find time to be in the present moment and allow your body to relax down if only for 15 minutes a day.

As our Wayne dyer video explains we must shut down the world of worries, disappointments, fears and whatever else we think about during the day, we need to marinate in our happy, peaceful selves for at least our dream state.

Your Instructor

Sheila Nielsen
Sheila Nielsen

Sheila has created a series of workshops that she teaches all over the USA. She has made her workshops available to everyone being both affordable and easy to follow and understand. In order to change your life, values, belief systems that have been holding you back, We must first learn how and what they are and why we have them. In her workshops Sheila will explain why we think the way we do and give you different tools, exercises and videos to help you being the journey to happiness amd enlightenment if that is what you are seeking. In order to move forward and face a new way of living and thinking we must start at the bottom and build a strong foundation to our understanding of why we behave as we do then we can begin to change our emotions and habits that will be lasting and empowering.

Sheila Is a Behavioral Therapist for Power Within Results practicing in Montana. Sheila is also the founder and an instructor for Hypnotherapy Professional College. She believes that if people have the tools and the information they will do the work required to expand their consciousness. She believes that by creating workshops that are both affordable, simple to use and understand more people will begin to work on themselves to achieve more happiness and abundance into their lives. When we understand our energy, consciousness and expand our belief system a whole new world of possibilities will open up that we didn't even know or were able to comprehend until we get rid of old belief systems that have been holding us back.

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