Anger: By Walter

Guided Meditations for Anger Release

Anger is provoked by fear, fear of not being able to fix someone else or to face the unknown and the unfamiliar. Anger is a result of fear, we are taught in our childhood beliefs that we are not supposed to be afraid, especially men were never allowed to be afraid as young boys they were told to do it no matter what to be a man, not to cry not to be afraid so they substituted they fear with anger and aggression. Anger is in everyone it is when we lash out toward circumstances that we feel we have no control of, or when we are triggered from a story in our subconscious mind of when we were children. Anger is an emotion that many of us do not know how to let go of, many of us believe that if we are angry or lash out then we will get what we want, some of us use our anger toward others to gain control of the situation but it has the opposite effect on our emotional well-being. Anger and fear take up so much energy, they trigger our self-talk to the negative and make our hearts race, our stomach turn into knots which triggers us right into the memories of when we were afraid as children. Anger is about living in the past and believing the stories we created in our subconscious it only hurts us and the holds us back from getting what we really want in our lives. Anger is related to our primitive mind, telling us that we won’t survive if we are not strong and assertive, but this comes out as rage and uncontrolled emotions. Anger affects all of us in a negative way, it hurts our relationships, work, family and takes us to a place we regret going when we have finally calmed down. We cannot think clearly and rationally when we are in fight/flight response. These Mp3’s will help you to gain the tools you need to release the memory from the emotions, to reteach your mind to breath and to let it go, let go of the fear that has been running your life for so long and replace it with peacefulness and calmness simply by breathing and regaining yourself to be in the present moment.

Your Instructor

Walter Ernst
Walter Ernst

Walter is the creator and director of our Third Eye institute category. Walter is a Behavioral Therapist specializing in Adolecent and male behaviors: He specializes in behavioral issues that are not specific to men and teens but he has a unique therapy to help them to relate and change their behaviors using his unique abilities to relate and help them to work through their belief systems that have resulted in their destructive behavior.

Walter is an instructor for our Personal development workshops throughout the USA, he is also the instructor and creator for our Higher level workshops. Walter will help his students to work on their Intuitive abilities, teach tarot cards, connect with their guides and help his students to understand Energy, our levels of consciousness; he teaches his advanced courses one topics such as Chakras, energy levels, Consciousness, Strands and connection to other dimensions to mention a few. We strongly advise that you complete the workshop level courses at at least lesson 5 before moving towards Walters class but if you know and feel you are ready then we hope you enjoy his unique teachings and insight.

Walter started improving his intuition abilities after he was in a serious accident where he was in a coma for several days after having experienced a serious brain injury; We are happy to announce that Walter healed from his injuries to 100% but he was left with a very unique take and vision into a broader view of an expanded consciousness. Walter has an understanding of what our potential toward connection and expansion through your mind and body through various different methods of meditation, astro traveling, and connecting with several of his guides which he meets with in what he calls the round table room filled with downloads of information and different perceptions of helping people connect to their higher self and become familiar with a much broader possibility of existence then what we have been brought up to believe by society and our family belief systems.

We hope you enjoy a much different teaching then most are used to, keep an open mind at the possibilities that nothing is real, everything is an illusion that we can recreate and design in any way we believe is possible, all we have to do is expand our consciousness and belief system to believe in NOTHING and YET BELIEVE in EVERYTHING.

We hope you enjoy Walter's very illuminating workshops.

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